Steel Jungle Gyms & Swings to Hire for Pre-schools

Robust, sturdy, safe, and fun steel jungle gyms and swings for rental or to buy. Age-appropriate designs ideal for little children. Bars sized for little fingers and bar spacing designed to be safe, yet fun and challenging for their smaller bodies. Ideal for pre-schools. Lots of jungle gym accessories available.

  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Mini-Jungle-Gym-Slide_11

    Mini Jungle Gym

    R6,003.48R7,711.30 Buy: Add to Cart
  • Special Deal! KidZplay_Playground-Roly-Jungle-Gym-Slide-Commando-Net-Trapeze_04

    Roly Jungle Gym Delux

    R10,646.74R13,847.30 Buy: Add to Cart
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Hanging-Frame-Jungle-Gym_09

    Mini Climbing Frame Jungle Gym

    R4,533.25R6,776.94 Buy: Add to Cart
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Hanging-Frame-Jungle-Gym_06

    Hanging Frame Jungle Gym

    R3,848.62R5,770.10 Buy: Add to Cart
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Hanging-Frame-Jungle-Gym_09

    Senior Climbing Frame Jungle Gym

    R4,562.25R6,904.29 Buy: Add to Cart
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Balance-Beam

    6m Balance Beam

    R1,090.70R1,618.84 Buy: Add to Cart
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Dual-Swing_27

    A-frame Swing

    R2,649.47R3,928.37 Select options
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Toddler-Swing_23

    Toddler Swing

    R3,924.65R5,746.11 Buy: Add to Cart
  • 2 Drum Balance Beam

    R5,277.00R7,651.00 Buy: Add to Cart
  • Double Drums

    R2,562.25R3,842.84 Buy: Add to Cart
  • Single Drum

    R1,532.09R2,087.86 Buy: Add to Cart
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Mini-Slide-on-stand_23

    Mini Slide on Stand

    R3,793.49R4,548.10 Buy: Add to Cart
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Toy-Racing-Car_18

    Big Fantasy Toy Racing Car

    R1,126.49R1,617.18 Buy: Add to Cart
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Toy-Train

    Big Fantasy Toy Train Carriage only

    R571.25R921.75 Buy: Add to Cart
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Toy-Train

    Big Fantasy Toy Train Engine only

    R1,181.45R1,610.00 Buy: Add to Cart
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Fire-Engine

    Big Fantasy Toy Fire-Engine

    R1,007.45R1,357.95 Buy: Add to Cart
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Airoplane_20

    Big Fantasy Toy Aeroplane

    R971.58R1,532.37 Buy: Add to Cart
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Helicopter_07

    Big Fantasy Toy Helicopter

    R1,206.49R1,767.66 Buy: Add to Cart
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