Med. Duty Big Fantasy Toy Train Carriage only

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The KidZplay Trains are great since they enable many children to utilise the equipment at once (one the driver in the engine and a few passengers in the carriages). Adventures to far off places are the order of the day and some schools have said that there is no better place than the train for lunch time snack! The carriages are also great spots for all the dolls and stuffed animals to be taken for rides.

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When children are young, they’re learning all sorts of things about the world around them at an incredibly speedy pace, and toys can provide a wonderful outlet for exploring and grasping these newfound concepts.

Big Fantasy Train features:

  • Engine Drum (210 litres) fitted with a movable steering wheel, seat, 6 wheels, and exhaust pipe.
  • 2 x Carriage drums (210 liters) with 2 seats each and 4 wheels.

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Weight30 kg
Dimensions260 × 50 × 50 cm


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Hot Dip Galvanised, Medium Duty Galvanised, Non-galvanised


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