Light Duty Roly Jungle Gym Delux

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The KidZplay Roly Gym is perfectly designed as an intermediate gym for children. It was created with the 2 to 5 year old in mind.

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This is the age of pretend – and what better place to do it than up where they can see the world and be off to distant horizons on a ship or a bus!

The ladder stairs ensure that only those with the upper body strength can access the 2 platforms safely (leaving the littlies to enjoy the drum underneath).

The contained large platform has two steering wheels and access to a smaller, higher area from which to access the slide. This is surrounded by a safety bar all the way to the 1.5m high slide (with it’s safety handles at the entrance point). And,…who can ever forget that feeling of shouting ‘Watch me Mummy!’ and then whizzing down at top speed!

The climbing area provides the challenge needed at this age in developing the upper body muscles and co-ordination which lay the foundations for good scholastic achievement.

Underneath, the drum adds to the gym as a perfect place for hideout as well as encouraging spatial perception and balance as children explore.

Roly Jungle Gym Standard features:

  • Access Ladder
  • 2 platforms
  • Slide
  • Climbing area
  • Moving Drum
  • 2 steering wheels
  • Roof
  • Commando rope
  • Adjustable Hang rings (to your child’s height)
  • Rubber Tyre Swing

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Weight120 kg
Dimensions400 × 370 × 270 cm
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Hot Dip Galvanised, Medium Duty Galvanised, Non-galvanised


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