Light Duty Hanging Frame Jungle Gym

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The KidZplay Hanging Frames were built in response to a need to upper body strength development and the safe learning to use monkey bars necessary for school readiness.

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A fundamental part of the Hanging Frame is the monkey bars that take up a major portion of the gym. These monkey bars are at the traditional 1.7m height above ground but have safety bars for children who are learning to place their feet on until they are confident to be able to move along.

They are a great way for children to develop their gross motor skills and visual hand eye co-ordination as they learn to swing from one bar to the next. Children set challenges for themselves: swinging from one end to the other, skipping a bar and turning upside down. They are developing their core strength and these are the muscles that must develop before the finer muscles.

The monkey bars also have an enormous effect on the child’s confidence and emotional development. They begin as the child watches and absorbs other children swinging. Through hard work and perseverance, they become the child that can – there is nothing to beat that feeling of achievement!

The other section of the Hanging Frame is an area where they can learn to swing on a bar (gymnastics here we come) and here are bars placed at a level for somersaulting over. Wonderful fun – with great benefits!

The benefits of a KidZplay Hanging Frame include:

  • Grip friendly for small hands
  • Endless opportunities for hanging by hands or knees, climbing, somersaulting and stretching
  • Developing co-ordination and spatial orientation skills. Is your child battling with mathematical skills? Ask your healthcare giver about the manner in which jungle gyms are known to develop the skills integral to mathematics
  • Hours of FUN!

Hanging Frame Standard features:

  • Monkey bar section with safety foot area for those learning the art
  • Bar ‘swing’ with sloping walkway
  • Bars placed in strategic areas for somersaulting, climbing and hanging

Hanging Frame Optional Extras:

  • Commando rope
  • Fireman’s pole
  • Adjustable Trapeze Bar (convertible into swing)
  • Additional Monkey bars

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Weight90 kg
Dimensions200 × 120 × 270 cm


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Hot Dip Galvanised, Medium Duty Galvanised, Non-galvanised


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