Heavy Duty Landy Jungle Gym Delux

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The KidZplay Landy Gym is perfectly designed as an advanced gym for children. It was created with the 4 to 9 year old in mind.  It is understandably our most popular gym model and a prized piece of equipment in any child’s playground.

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In this amazing gym, the ladder stairs ensure that only those with the upper body strength can access the 2 platforms safely (leaving the littlies to enjoy the car underneath).

The contained large platform has access to a smaller, higher area from which to access the slide. For your princess, it is the perfect spot for a tea party or her home where she arranges all her babies or teaches “school”. For the prince, it is his castle with his Landrover parked beneath ready for all sorts of adventures into the unknown. This is surrounded by a safety bar all the way to the 1.5m high slide. (with its safety handles at the entrance point).

Quick escapes involve a treacherous hang across make-believe cliff edges as they practice and develop their upper body strength on the monkey bars – or perhaps an exciting slide down the fireman’s pole or scrambled descent of the commando net!

The climbing area is also a good challenge as well as providing for many hours of developing body strength and spatial perception as they experiment with somersaulting over bars, hanging by hands or knees, climbing, and stretching.

Underneath, the suspended car adds to the gym as a perfect place for planning and executing imaginary adventures – 2 steering wheels included and space for the family dog!

The KidZplay Landy is also a “social” jungle gym as it encourages children to share, co-operate, be helpful and enjoy each other. It is certainly a special and lasting investment for your family.

Landy Jungle Gym Standard features:

  • Access Ladder
  • 2 platforms
  • Slide
  • Climbing area
  • Moving Car
  • Monkey bars
  • Roof
  • Commando rope
  • Fireman’s pole
  • Adjustable Trapeze Bar

Additional information

Weight220 kg
Dimensions500 × 480 × 270 cm


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Hot Dip Galvanised, Medium Duty Galvanised, Non-galvanised


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