Heavy Duty Galv. 2 Drum Balance Beam

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The KidZplay 2 Drum Balance Beam transpired as a need for balance activities combined with fantasy and climbing – a great combination!

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It has been said that balance and coordination are two of the most important gross motor skills in a child’s physical development. They allow children to participate in sports and physical activities and they reduce the risk of injury and improve children’s ability to perform everyday tasks.

In the KidZplay 2 Drum Balance Beam, the ladder access leads directly into the first hanging drum. After an exciting crawl-through (the drum moves on the chains…), the balance beam is ready to be conquered! Should a bit of extra security be required, chains next to the walkway can be added. Once over the ‘crocodile infested river’, the second drum provides a haven of safety that leads to the exit ladder. Altogether an exhilarating adventure!

In addition to the above, there are bars over the drums that warrant further exploration once the confidence is there. Can there be a better place to survey the world than on top of the drum with a shout of glee?

2 Drum Balance Beam Standard features:

  •  Access and Exit Ladders
  • 2 Hanging Drums elevated from the ground
  • Opportunities for climbing over the drums
  • 150mm wide and 1.5m long balancing walkway between drums

2 Drum Balance Beam Optional Extras:

  • Chain ‘handhold’ on either side of walkway

Additional information

Weight125 kg
Dimensions500 × 100 × 150 cm
Age Group

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Designed for

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Equipment Type


Hot Dip Galvanised, Non-galvanised


Ex Works, Installation


Heavy Duty


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